EnviroDataR is an R client for interacting with the EnviroData API. To use EnviroDataR, it is required that your R version is 4.0.0 or higher.


You can install the package with your Hatfield GitLab ID. Remember you should replace the “username” with your Hatfield ID. (e.g. for most of us, username is in your email address "username"@hatfieldgroup.com)

library(devtools)   # install.packages("devtools")    # if you don't have it
library(git2r)      # install.packages("git2r")       # if you don't have it
library(getPass)    # install.packages("getPass")     # if you don't have it

                      credentials = git2r::cred_user_pass("username", getPass::getPass()))

Now you will see the installation progress in your R console.



See the Get Started page for a 5 minute tutorial on the basics of EnviroDataR.

Note to developers:

Stub functions for testing each of the main functions can be found in /draft_vignettes/sometests.R. Keep the file here as it tends to cause problems during package building otherwise.

envirodata_service_functions are specifically used by microservices, but obviously work outside of that context as well.