• Updated documentations of all functions. (Heather Li, Ravi Maharaj)
  • Added new installation method in the readme file. (Quan Cui)
  • Added a new argument includegapmarkers to function get_aquarius_report_data to allow users include gap markers. https://tracker.hatfieldgroup.net/issues/25274 (Quan Cui)
  • Minor bugfix in manually_set_analyte_aliases
  • Improved documentation for management functions.
  • Added unit tests
  • get_wq_report_data now returns Value column as a character to prevent error due to mixing of value types. This means users will need to reformat their numerical results.
  • Improved get_wq_location_metadata speed and altered it to take list of stations instead of one station.
  • Added get_wq_location_metadata() to get metadata from monitoring feature page of a discrete sample station
  • Updated get_imports_list to stay up to date with new EnviroData API
  • Added get_rdr_file_schema and get_tenant_file_schemas functions
  • Bugfix on get_wq_locations_details where start and end RecordDates were both set as StartRecordDate
  • Added upload_file_to_rdr function for uploading files to the raw file repository.
  • Added update_flags function for changing metadata flags on data.
  • Minor bugfixes/typos
  • Fixed packrat dependency issue
  • Fixed CalculateGuidelienswithrefstations
  • Added more documentation and a vignette on calculating guidelines.
  • Added documentation to download_source_files, get_tenants_list, get_analytes_list
  • get_wq_report_data and get_wq_locations_details no longer returns NA rows when a query returns zero data
    • Any NULL values are auto turned to NA as well.
  • get_wq_report_data now returns min/max guidelines columns if guidelines are passed during function call
  • add_screening function added to replace AddScreening. Still experimental as DL flag logic still under consideration. (see https://tracker.hatfieldgroup.net/issues/19602 for more info).


  • Stations with “/” in name can now be queried.


  • Added experimental function ‘get_primary_station_from_alias_name()’ TODO: add documentation and logging


  • various bugfixes

Major Changes


  • Changed name to EnviroDataR
  • Overhauled interface and variable names


  • Added new functions
    • rollback_imports
    • set_analyte_aliases functions
    • get_imports_details
    • merge_existing_stations
    • make_new_primary_alias
    • make_new_alias
    • set_monitoring_location_categories
    • get_aquarius_health_summary
    • download_source_files
    • get_tenant_list
  • Changed the get_metadata function so it retrieves Aquarius info as well.
  • Deprecated get_guideline_list
  • get_wq_report_data can collect data for multiple stations, analytes, and guidelines and should be used in place of FetchData. FetchData will not be deprecated however.


  • Documented functions that were undocumented.
  • Documentation now suggests values returned from other functions to use as arguments for a given function.
  • Created reference documentation site.
    • Added a getting started section.


  • Made EDR_URL a global variable. No more passing the same url to every function!
  • Improved logging. All functions now produce log reports in the edr_logs.txt file.
  • Added argument checks with relevant error messages to all exported functions.
  • Fixed Namespace issues that caused 3rd party package functions to be exported with the package.
  • Improved format handling of returned data. Returned objects are now actually dataframes rather than pseudo-dataframes with list columns.
  • Rewrote error handling module to provide more informative error messages (hopefully) on HTTP requests.
  • Improved datetime handling (WIP)
  • Numeric columns automatically cast to numeric
  • (Experimental) get_aquarius_report_data has option to return column of “nice” timeseries names
  • local_dev_mode switch to change API URL to localhost if needed


  • unit_convert bugfixed where upper/lowercase doesn’t matter. Increased flexibility of function means it will happily convert units for any of the columns: ‘Value’, ‘DL’, ‘minGuideline’, ‘maxGuideline’ without throwing errors for missing columns.
  • Fixed bug so that station names with “/” can be queried.
  • Fix bug with GetMetadataFromApi

Bug fixes

  • get_aquarius_location_details now supports stationIds with spaces in them (#13903)