get_aquarius_location_details() returns a dataframe of details about parameters measured at one or more Aquarius stations supplied by the user.

get_aquarius_location_details(location_names, make_nice_names = FALSE)



A string or character vector or list of strings of one or more valid Aquarius station names.

Users may define Aquarius station names themselves, but are advised to use the LocationIdentifier column from the return value of get_aquarius_locations_list.


A logical value. If TRUE will return the column NiceTimeSeriesNames.


A dataframe of parameter details by monitoring location that includes the following informaton:

  • AquariusID - TODO: Add description..

  • TimeSeriesID - TODO: Add description..

  • LocationName - Aquarius station name.

  • DataSetIdentifier - Timeseries parameter name (Backend).

  • FirstRecordDate - The date the first sample was taken.

  • LastRecordDate - The date the latest sample was taken.

  • Checked - TODO: Add description..

  • DisplayName - Timeseries parameter name (Display).

  • UtcOffset - The difference in hours between local time and UTC.

  • Tags - TODO: Add description..

  • Checked - TODO: Add description..

  • NiceTimeSeriesName - Simplified parameter names presented in snake_case and excluding special characters.

Important events and metadata about calls of get_aquarius_location_details()

are documented by the EnviroDataR logger in the log file edr_logs.txt. More information about the EnviroDataR logger can be found in vignette("envirodatar_request_logger").


Each row in the dataframe is a different parameter with columns representing relevant metadata for that parameter.


# Get parameter details from a single Aquarius station
aq_station <- "AQ-1"
aq_station <- c("AQ-1", "AQ-2") # from vector
aq_station <- as.list(c("AQ-1", "AQ-2")) # from list
get_aquarius_location_details(location_names = aq_station)

# Obtain Aquarius stations from `get_aquarius_locations_list()`
aquarius_location_data <- get_aquarius_locations_list()
stations_of_interest <- aquarius_location_data$LocationIdentifier
get_aquarius_location_details(location_names = stations_of_interest)

# Obtain simplified parameter names
station_of_interest <- "AQ-1"
location_names = station_of_interest,
make_nice_names = TRUE)