get_wq_locations_details() returns a dataframe of details about analytes measured at one or more discrete monitoring locations supplied by the user.




A string or character vector or list of strings of one or more valid monitoring location names.

Users may define monitoring locations themselves, but are advised to use the Location column from the return value of get_wq_locations_list.


A dataframe of analyte details, by monitoring location, that includes the following informaton:

  • Location - Discrete monitoring location names.

  • Analyte - Analyte name (EnviroData backend name).

  • DisplayAnalyte - Analyte name (EnviroData display name).

  • NumberOfRecords - The number of measurements per analyte/station.

  • FirstRecordDate - The date the first sample was taken.

  • LastRecordDate - The date the latest sample was taken.

  • MediaType - The specific chemical matrix from which the sample was taken.


# Get analyte details for one or more monitoring location
station_of_interest <- "WQ-1" # single location
stations_of_interest <- c("WQ-1", "WQ-2") # multiple locations from vector
stations_of_interest <- as.list(c("WQ-1", "WQ-2")) # multiple locations from list
get_wq_locations_details(location_names = stations_of_interest)

# Obtain monitoring locations from `get_wq_locations_list()`
location_data <- get_wq_locations_list()
stations_of_interest <- location_data$Location
get_wq_locations_details(location_names = stations_of_interest)