Using import ID, as returned in get_imports_details, fetch the contents of a water quality report. The return dataframe will contain typical data found in the source files of EDDs.

get_wq_report_data_by_import_ids(import_ids, guideline_ids = NULL)



Single value or list/character vector of integers/strings of import event IDs. This value can be found by locating the relevant import event on the Imports page of EnviroData, clicking View Details, and inspecting the resulting URL. The import ID consists of the numbers at the end of the URL. Import event details can also be fetched using get_imports_details.


Character vector or list of strings of short guideline names. e.g., ART1_CA. See Guidelines page of EnviroData or use Guideline column of get_metadata or get_guideline_details for available guidelines. Specified guidelines must exist for the specified media type.


dataframe of data.

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