Creates new station aliases/data sources and sets them as the primary alias of monitoring locations given a dataframe with columns "station_name" and "new_display_name". See params below for more details.

This function requires that the desired new primary alias name is not already in use. If you want to merge existing stations, see merge_existing_stations.




Dataframe with columns of "station_name" and "new_display_name".

station_name: the name of the primary alias of the monitoring location to which you'd like to add a new primary alias. See the Location column of get_wq_locations_list for list of existing discrete primary alias station names.

new_display_name: string of what you'd like to set the primary alias name for that monitoring location.


The original dataframe with a new result column that contains the response from each request.


  # Example master_df
  master_df_example <- data.frame(
    station_name = c("Station1", "Station2"),
    new_display_name = c("NewName", "OtherNewName")

  # Call the make_new_primary_alias function
  new_primary_aliases <- make_new_primary_alias(master_df = master_df_example)