Monitoring Locations#

EnviroData groups all data and information related to a single spot into monitoring locations (also called stations). Monitoring locations are categorized based on their data’s sample media (e.g., drinking water vs process water) and whether the data type is discrete or continuous.

A monitoring locations is considered active when it’s linked with an existing data source. Active monitoring locations will automatically become populated with data that’s imported from its linked data source. You can manage a monitoring location’s data source link on the Manage > Monitoring Locations page.

Multiple data sources can be saved to the same monitoring location, with each subsequent data source after the primary one listed as Monitoring Location Aliases.

A list of all active monitoring locations with linked data sources is presented on the left sidebar under its appropriate category. You can change a monitoring location’s category by navigating to the Monitoring Location Summary page, clicking EDIT LOCATION and editing the Station Category field. The monitoring location summary page also provides a list of aliases.