Guideline Management#

View all information for available guidelines#

  • Navigate to the Guidelines page

  • Search for a guideline for slect one from the list

  • Click the guideline of interest to view detailed information, including guideline value, units, and reference

Quickly see which guidelines have standards that need to be linked with analytes.#

  • Navigate to Manage > Guidelines and Cofactors page

  • Guidelines highlighted in yellow have one or more standards without any analyte links assigned

Select a guideline cofactor strategy#

  • Navigate to Manage > Guidelines and Cofactors

  • Click the COFACTORS tab

  • Scroll down to Cofactor Calculation Strategy card and click EDIT button

  • Select a strategy

    • No default value for cofactor

      • No default value set. Guideline standard calculations that contain cofactors are skipped.

    • Use a single unchanging value for each cofactor

      • Set a single, static value for each cofactor. Calculations will ONLY use these static values and will ignore values from other sources (such as station data).

    • Calculate values from same sample (with default values)

      • If station data exists for a cofactor, it is used to calculate a guideline standard. Otherwise, the default value is used.

Select an analyte as a cofactor for guideline standard calculation#

  • Navigate to Manage > Guidelines and Cofactors

  • Click the COFACTORS tab

  • In the Cofactors card, click the EDIT button for the cofactor of interest

  • Select an analyte from the Link Analyte dropdown

  • Click SAVE