To change the units of an analyte, go to manage > Analytes. Click VIEW on the analyte you want to alter. In the Details panel, click EDIT. Then change the Default Unit value and hit SAVE. All data points for this analyte will automatically be converted to the new unit.

If you have two different analytes that are actually meant to represent the same thing and they are in different units, when you merge them together EnviroData will automatically convert the values of the analyte being merged so that it matches the other analyte’s units.

Example: Bicarbonate_(HCO3)ALS in units ug/L Bicarbonate(HCO3)_BVL in units mg/L

If we demote Bicarbonate_(HCO3)ALS to be an alias of Bicarbonate(HCO3)BVL, it will automatically do the unit conversion for all Bicarbonate(HCO3)_ALS data points so that they are in mg/L.